Dream of: 10 February 1995 "Sexual Improvement"

As Carolina and I were standing in a line of people, I noticed that a woman had moved into line right behind me, and I had the feeling she had cut in so she could be near me and Carolina. When she began speaking to us, I took a good look at her. She was shorter than I, coming up to about my chin, very attractive, with light blonde hair and a low cut dress. As I looked down on her, I was especially delighted by her firm, full breasts and her virtually perfect figure. She was probably about 30 years old.

She said she would like to make an appointment to see Carolina and me the next day. We agreed she would come to see us at 11 a.m. the following day, and she left.


I was talking to Carolina about the woman, telling her I thought I knew what she did. I told Carolina that there were some women who worked with couples to help them improve their sex lives; I thought this was such a woman. I asked Carolina if she would mind if the woman worked with us. I explained that it might involve my having sex with the woman while Carolina was present. Carolina seemed reluctant, but she didn't completely dismiss the idea.


It was early in the morning and Carolina and I were lying in bed in a hotel room. I decided I would like to have sex with Carolina, and I rolled over on top of her. She was already naked from the waist down, and I could see her black pubic hairs. I quickly inserted my penis and we began having sex.

We had not continued long, before we heard a knock at the door. I extracted my penis, and just as I stood up, I saw a woman enter the room and walk over to a sink on the wall. It was still rather dark and I couldn't see her well; but I was sure it was the woman with whom we had been talking the day before. Since it was only about 7 a.m., she was obviously very early. I thought this might be part of her routine, to show up unexpectedly.

I was still naked and my penis was half erect. I hesitated to stand naked in front of her, but it felt so erotic, and she didn't seem to mind, that I made no effort to cover myself. I could still not see her clearly, but she didn't look exactly as she had the day before. She looked a bit younger and a bit more disheveled. However, with what I could see, I was satisfied with her looks.

She walked over close to us, and at a glance she was able to see Carolina and I had been having sex. As I was standing right next to Carolina, the woman reached down and clasped her hand around my penis, still moist from Carolina's vaginal juices. As I felt my penis growing fully erect, she guided it between Carolina's open legs, intending to insert it back into Carolina.

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