Dream of: 07 February 1995 (2) "Childish Movie"

Carolina was sitting on my right, the aisle was on my left, as I sat in a lighted movie theater, watching a movie. I slowly realized the movie wasn't very good, in fact rather childish, and I said something to Carolina about it. A boy probably eight or nine years old sitting right behind me spoke up and said the reason was because the movie was a PG, meaning it was aimed mostly at children. I sheepishly looked around the theater and realized most of the people here were indeed quite young.

Having spoken, the boy behind me started to become quite obnoxious by putting his bare feet over the back of my seat and touching me on both sides. When I protested he paid me no mind and in fact seemed to become worse, pressing his feet up against me. I thought about forcing him to stop, but was afraid I might get into some kind of trouble by assaulting a minor. So instead I stood from my seat and marched to the back of the theater, looking for an usher to whom I could report the boy.

I quickly saw an usher seated near the door taking tickets. He was probably about 30 years old and had black hair. I rushed up to him and explained that a boy was causing trouble for people in the theater. As I started to point out where the boy was, I noticed the boy (wearing a white tee-shirt with some red design on the front) now circulating through the audience, running all about. Picking him out was difficult, however, because other children were also running around the audience. With the usher standing beside me on my left, I tried to see where the boy was. Since the usher was much taller than I, I stood up on a seat (hoping the usher would not object to my standing on the seat) and tried to spot the boy.

Suddenly I thought I felt something right at the top of the crack of my butt, and immediately realized the usher had lightly caressed me there with his finger. I jumped from the seat, looked at him, and exclaimed, "You fucking pervert."

He ignored me as if I hadn't said anything. He acted as if nothing had happened and indeed for a moment, I questioned myself whether I might not have just imagined the caress; but I quickly knew it wasn't just my imagination. However, I had no proof, and his touch had been so slight, I didn't see anything I could do. Besides, I had nothing against gays and I didn't normally want to cause them problems. To have called him a "pervert" might even have been a bit strong, but I certainly wanted him to keep his hands off me.

The usher began talking about why there was little he could do now about the boy. He explained that if he apprehended the boy, he (the usher) would just be depending on my word. He asked what would happen if I were to just disappear, and if the boy maintained that he (the boy) hadn't done anything. The usher pointed out that although I was dressed well now, how would it look if I showed up latter looking scroungy and dirty when the boy was on trial.

To a certain extent I could see his point, and began thinking I was blowing a small thing out of proportion. Perhaps I should just forget the whole affair.

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