Dream of: 07 February 1995 "Asturias"

Waking up from a night of sleep, still lying on my back in bed, I pulled out a comic book and began reading. Only gradually did I begin to realize I was in a dormitory-style room with perhaps 20 other sleeping people. As the others also began waking, I recalled that they were all young college women (all in their late teens and early 20s), and that I was the only man in the room. We were all going to be staying together for a while as part of a college program.

I finally sat up and looked for my clothes. I quickly pulled on a pair of pants and a black tee shirt with a pretty, white design on it. Some of the other women also had tee shirts, and most of them had put on the same ones they had been wearing the day before. I intended to put on a different shirt after I had showered. But I saw that by waiting to get up, I had missed my opportunity to be the first in the shower, because now some of the others were already headed for the showers.

As I looked at the young women; I hadn't yet met any of them, but I would like to try to make some friends if possible. One blonde-haired woman seemed nice; she was probably about 20 years old and quite attractive. I thought she, as well as two or three others, lived in Arlington, Texas. Since I also lived in Arlington and would regularly be driving there, I might offer them a ride. That would be a good way to get to know them.


I was in the next room from where the women's beds were. I would be staying in this separate room, and I wouldn't continue to sleep in the same room with the women. Carolina would also be staying in the room with the women. I didn't know if Carolina had told any of the women that we were married. I debated whether she should tell them, and I decided she should. It would be deceptive to pretend we weren't married, and the women would probably be offended if they later found out we were.

A long, dark-red mat lay on one side of the room. It was obviously a mat for someone to lie on. What was strange was that many bottles, jars, tubes, etc. of beauty oils, creams, soaps, etc. were sitting around the mat. On the wall next to the mat was a hand-lettered sign which in large letters said "NAILS," and had the name of a high school printed in smaller letters beneath it. Slowly I recalled that I had seen another woman in that area earlier, and slowly I remembered it had been Jennifer (who worked in my law office for me for a couple months).

When she walked back into the room, I spoke to her. Although it was Jennifer, she didn't look exactly like Jennifer. She was probably in her mid 20s, had blonde hair, and although attractive, had a rough edge to her. I mumbled something about what she was doing here, and as if to answer my own inquiry, I blurted out, "You're a beauty expert."

She acknowledged that I was correct, although she didn't seem in the mood to pursue the subject, or in fact to pursue any subject with me. She hurried about taking care of a few things, then walked out.


Carolina had come into my room, and I had stood to go with her. She pointed out that the tee shirt I was wearing was inside out, and I looked in a mirror to see. Indeed the tee shirt was inside out, although it didn't look bad. The front of the tee-shirt was green with a white design, and the back was black with a white design. The design on the back was quite intricate.

I wanted to talk to Carolina about several things, but I was still thinking about Jennifer, and how surprised I was to see her here. I had concluded that Jennifer was now working with a high school, and would be giving students lessons on make-up. But for some reason I had noticed a pair of scissors lying among Jennifer's other things, and I was thinking of those scissors. They were a particular type of scissors, and I thought they were called "Asturias." I wondered where the word had come from. I thought it was from the name of a province in Spain, and the word "Asturias" kept repeating itself in my mind.

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