Dream of: 06 February 1995 "Dangerous Situation"

Three other men and I had walked together into the lobby of a large office building. The four of us were working on a project to sell to the owners of this office building another office building (probably 50 stories tall) which was right next door. I walked to the front desk, spoke with a man standing there, and announced that we had come to talk about the sale of the neighboring office building. I began introducing the other three men with me; I introduced the first two, but I couldn't remember the name of the third one (it was an old law school classmate, Randle, but I couldn't think of his name at the moment). I felt embarrassed because I couldn't remember his name, and he looked offended. I went over the letters of the alphabet in my mind, hoping that would help me recall his name.


My wife Carolina and I were standing outside under the neighboring office building which I was trying to sell. There was a domed area about two stories tall under the building before the actual stories began. It was quite pretty, although I was somewhat concerned that the office building might fall. I led Carolina out from under it to a spot where we could stand at a distance and look at the building. It was quite impressive.


Carolina and I were in a weight room. I wanted to work out with some small weights which could be held in one hand. Carolina was also going to work out, and I was glad, hoping to see her firm up her body. I saw a fellow working out with a weight which looked like an ankle-high black-leather shoe. Apparently the shoe had been filled with a weight so that it wasn't a weight itself. He would lift the shoe up and sling it over his shoulder. I liked it and as soon as he put it down, I walked over and picked it up. I looked at it for an indication of how much it weighed but I couldn't find anything. It didn't matter: I was going to use it anyway.


I was lying on my back in the rear of a pickup truck. I knew the truck belonged to a man who was my father, and was being driven by an attractive woman (probably in her early 20s). I was somewhat concerned because I knew she was a bad driver. She finally parked on a street and went into a store. I continued lying in the back until she finally got back in the truck and backed up. Unfortunately she backed up too far and ran into the window of a store on the other side of the street and crashed through into the store.

I stepped out of the truck and began surveying the damage. The woman began trying to accuse me as if it had been my fault because I hadn't helped her back up. I thought she was being absurd and I knew I was in no way to blame. I told her she needed to call my father to come and get us.


My father had come to get me and now was taking me home. However I was no longer in the truck, but in a small boat with a small cabin. I was thinking that six people could probably fit on the boat; it even had a small bathroom. However at the moment, only my father and I were on board. My father seemed like a healthy, kind man. He was probably in his mid 40s, and also seemed strong.

As we sailed over the water, I began to realize that we were lost. At first I thought we were near England, but slowly realized we were off the southeastern coast of Australia and that we were going to try to sail all the way to the United States. I could see the coast line to our left and I could see the red, setting sun, which told me that direction was the west and that we needed to sail in the opposite direction.

Once we had turned onto the high sea, I lay back on my back on the floor of the boat, but I soon stood back up, because I realized we were surrounded by high waves, and that we were in a dangerous situation.

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