Dream of: 05 February 1995 "Exposed Magician"

I was in a restaurant which somewhat reminded me of the "Old South Restaurant" in Fort Worth. A man probably in his early fifties with some Hispanic features was giving a magic show on one side of the restaurant. For part of the show he had taken two young men and made their bodies rigid so that they were lying next to each other in the air, with their heads on the back of a chair and their feet on the back of another chair. Nothing was supporting their bodies from the heads to the feet – at least according to the magician.

I however was suspicious that the magician was a fake. The magician had placed a cloth over the bodies of the men so we couldn't actually see underneath them. When no one was looking I walked over to the two men and looked underneath them. Seeing a long, slim piece of translucent, plastic wire which went from the heads to the feet of the men, I jerked it out. As I displayed the wire to everyone in the room, I announced to all that the magician was a fraud, and that the plastic wire had been supporting the two men. The magician, realizing he had been exposed, quickly gathered together his belongings and made a hasty exit.


Having set back down in the restaurant, I realized Estorga (an employee of the Fort Worth Chapter 13 Trustee's bankruptcy office) was one of the waitresses. I also saw another person whom I realized worked at the chapter 13 office. It slowly occurred to me that the owner of the restaurant knew the chapter 13 trustee well, and accommodated the trustee by giving work to chapter 13 employees when they needed it, or when they were let go from the chapter 13 office.

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