Dream of: 04 February 1995 "Dead Dogs In The Trunk"

Stevens (a schoolmate from junior high school) and I were standing across the street from the YMCA in Portsmouth. Only now, the YMCA building was a police station, and I was very concerned the police were going to try to arrest me. I didn't know the exact details, but I did know one or two large dogs – perhaps German Shepherds – had been killed, and I felt Stevens and I were somehow responsible.

A black-haired fellow walked up near us. He was probably about 30 years old and casually dressed. Almost immediately I became apprehensive. Whenever Stevens or I would move in one direction, this new fellow would follow. Suddenly Stevens began running, and I realized the new fellow was a cop. I also tried to run, but the fellow was so close to me, and I was in such a bad spot, I couldn't. He quickly told me I was under arrest and he led me back to the police station.

I recalled I had told Stevens that if we were caught, that he shouldn't say anything. That was exactly what I resolved to do. I only asked how much my bond was; I was told the bond would be $1,000. I asked the policeman if they took credit cards and he said they did. I also asked the policeman what "probable cause" he had for arresting me. But he paid no attention to me and acted as if he didn't need to answer my questions. I didn't mention to him that I was a lawyer.

When I was led up to a woman seated at a table, I realized I had another serious problem – I didn't have my billfold, which contained all my credit cards. The police already had my billfold, because it, along with the dead dogs, had been found in the trunk of a car. The billfold in fact was the strongest piece of evidence against me. I tried to explain to the woman that the police had my billfold and that I needed to get a credit card from it to make bond, but I could tell immediately I was going to have great difficulty doing this. I felt almost sick inside. I might have to call my mother; but I doubted she would be able to help me. I might simply end up staying in jail a while.

I asked the woman when I could have a "probable cause" hearing. She seemed to know what I was talking about; and I thought she might give me a hearing date.

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