Dream of: 03 February 1995 "Rat Trap"

As a man described to me a "small house" which he had built, I found myself looking down on the house from above. Clearly the house wasn't small at all, but a large, white mansion located – I thought – in California. It was sitting on the edge of a high cliff. A high wrought iron fence surrounded the house, preventing people from going too close to the edge of the cliff and falling off. As my eye traveled down the side of the precipitous cliff, I also moved downward, down the craggy rocks to the shore of the ocean. I continued traveling along the ocean's irregular edge until I found myself standing with a group of people gathered at another house by the seashore.

The man and wife who owned the large white mansion were here; I asked them if it would be possible to climb back up the cliff to the mansion. I received the impression that it would be possible, but probably dangerous and ill-advised. Ramey was also present; maybe he would make the climb with me if I decided to go. The woman said that from where we were, we would have difficulty getting to the base of the cliff because we would have to cross some water. But she also indicated that if we were careful, we might be able to find some rocks which had been placed in the water like a bridge.


I was sitting on the floor of a room in a house, perhaps the white mansion. Planning to stay here for a while, I had scattered some of my things out on the floor. Only slowly did I realized this was the living room, and I should not leave my things lying around. When I heard the lady of the house coming in, I quickly began gathering my things together and taking them to a large closet.

I saw that I had left five mouse traps and a large rat trap lying near the couch. Some of the mouse traps had come apart and pieces were under the couch. How disgusting that I would leave the mouse traps lying around! I had recently caught a rat in one of the traps and thought the smell of the rat might still be on the traps. I gathered up all the pieces and took them to the closet.

I also had a pile of about 50 record albums lying on the floor. I picked them all up at once and took them to the closet. When I returned, the woman was sitting in the room. I explained that I would soon have all my things out of the room. She didn't seem concerned, but I was embarrassed that I had taken such liberties with her home.

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