Dream of: 02 February 1995 (2) "Battery-Operated Toys"

As Carolina and I were walking around an antique store, I discovered a door which led to the basement; having obtained permission from the woman running the store, I opened the door and stepped through. I had to catch myself because the stairs leading down were steeper than I had anticipated and I almost fell. Carolina was behind me prodding me to go forward, amused by my hesitation. Carefully I made my way down the steep stairs with Carolina following.

The large basement had a concrete floor. It was dark and I couldn't see well, but I could see quite a few light bulbs hanging from the ceiling at different spots. I pulled the string on the first one I encountered and the light came on. I walked around the room pulling the strings on the other lights until the room was well-illuminated.

I could now see that the room was filled with shelves containing many interesting-looking items. I particularly noticed several unusual lamps sitting on one of the shelves, and I walked over to examine one of them. With Carolina at my side, I picked up the lamp and looked it over. It appeared to be porcelain, with several different colors, especially red, in it. It had several prices on it, some of which had been marked through as the prices had been gradually lowered. One price on the front looked like $9. But I thought the actual price was probably one on the back for $24. I might try to buy it for $9; but I would probably be willing to pay $24 for it.

I walked over to another shelf which appeared to contain several battery-operated toys. I picked up one; the battery cover was missing and some of the wires were hanging out. I put it back and picked up a battery-operated robot which appeared in good condition; I would like to have it, even though I was uncertain it would work. I picked up a second battery-operated robot and looked more closely at it. Again I couldn't tell whether it would work; but if it did, I would like to have it.

Finally I picked up a toy telephone which also required batteries. But it was quickly apparent that it was missing parts and wouldn't be worth buying. I set it back on the shelf.

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