Dream of: 02 February 1995 "Rotten To The Core"

I was sitting in an electronics store where I was working for Bartholow (a female Dallas attorney), the owner. A brown-haired fellow (probably in his early 30s) walked into the store and looked around. Since I was sitting over to the side, he didn't see me, but I kept my eye on him. He walked up to a shelf, opened up the black jacket he was wearing, pulled out a book from under the jacket and put the book on the shelf. He then turned and quickly left the store. From what I had seen, he hadn't done anything wrong, but he had acted suspiciously and his actions had certainly been strange. I concluded that he must have previously stolen the book, and then because he had felt guilty or because he had finished reading it, had decided to bring it back.


Later in the day, a similar episode occurred, only with a different fellow who took a book from a black briefcase and put it on the shelf. This time I stood up and confronted the fellow, asking him what he was doing. He quickly became skittish, backed up toward the door, and slipped out. Since he hadn't actually done anything wrong I didn't pursue him. Instead I looked at the book – a large orange paper-back. It was a Spanish/English dictionary, and looked exactly like one I had, or used to have.


Bartholow had scheduled a meeting in a large room over top the store; about 50 people were supposed to show up. I, however, hadn't been invited, a fact which didn't perturb me since I wasn't really connected with Bartholow's affairs, other than doing some work in the store.

I had gone upstairs and was standing in a bathroom. The building seemed somewhat like a nice large hotel, and I also had living quarters here right over the store. As I stood in the bathroom, a man walked up outside, and since the door was open, I stood here for a minute watching him. He was a tall thin man with slightly graying hair. Although his back was to me, I quickly realized the man was Truman, the former chapter 13 bankruptcy Trustee in Dallas and Fort Worth. I also realized Truman was Bartholow's husband. Truman was looking at his reflection in a window and combing his hair. Suddenly he turned around and looked at me, surprised to see me here, and he gave me a look as if I had been spying on him. I felt guilty and I mumbled that I should have told him I was here. He just turned and walked away.

I stepped out into the hall and saw other people also here. They were all getting ready to go to Bartholow's meeting. I could hear Bartholow's voice somewhere in the background, complaining about a bearded fellow coming to the meeting in what Bartholow thought was improper attire. Bartholow complained about the fellow's "facial hair," and how he should get rid of it.

I walked down the hall toward the meeting room, and although I wasn't going to attend, I looked inside. People were already taking their seats, even though the meeting hadn't yet begun. I realized the meeting had something to do with a complaint lodged against Bartholow. I had read the complaint and I recalled that it had said something about Bartholow being "rotten to the core." I decided I at least wanted to say something, and since other people were also talking, I voiced my opinion that I agreed with the complaint, that Barholow was "rotten to the core." Although I didn't say anything else, I thought she wasn't running the electronics store properly, and that at some point it would be clear that people were stealing things from the store.

I walked on through the room, looking at the different people gathered here, noting in particular the clothes they were wearing. All were well-dressed, although some were wearing more formal attire than others. Some men were dressed in suits, while others didn't even have ties. I realized Truman hadn't been wearing a tie, and I thought he probably would have set the tone for the others. One fellow in a blue shirt had his top button buttoned, but he wasn't wearing a tie.

The women were also varied in their dress. Two black women were sitting next to each other in blue pin-stripped suits. Other women were however only wearing dresses. I saw ,y ex-wife Louise; she was dressed in a rather plain, but nice dress. I wondered if she had heard what I had said; I hoped I hadn't sounded foolish.

I walked on out of the room, crossed the hall and reached my living quarters; it felt good to be away from the meeting. I looked at the nice hardwood table and chairs set up in the middle of the room and I thought how glad I was to be back among my own furnishings. However, I was still thinking about what had been occurring. Two things were on my mind: one was the dictionary and the other was Louise.

I wondered if I still had the orange dictionary like the one the fellow had put on the shelf. I recalled that at one time I had gotten rid of most of my books. I had decided I was only going to keep a few important books to read and that having too many books was distracting. However, since that time I had once again begun to acquire many books. I wondered if the dictionary had been one I had originally kept or later acquired, and whether I still had it.

I was also thinking about Louise; I wondered what would happen if she wanted to be with me for a while. I recalled that in the past few years we had been together a couple times and had gotten along quite well. I did enjoy her company, but I also realized spending time with her wasn't a good idea. I decided if she wanted to be with me, although it might be painful, I would have to turn her down.

I turned on the television; a blonde-haired woman was on the screen. She was lying on a bed and I was surprised to see her open her blouse so both breasts were revealed. She was quite attractive and she had my attention, although I was more intrigued that this would be on television than interested in her.

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