Dream of: 01 February 1995 "Spaghetti"

I was in Portsmouth, in an area on Offnere Street just below where the street starts up the hill. There I discovered my father was having a restaurant installed in a rather large red brick building on the east side of the street. I also noticed two other restaurants being built in the area. So many restaurants would encourage people to come to this area.

I walked around the outside to see if there was enough space for parking. At first I thought there was only parking on the street, but then I saw a large parking lot on the south side of the building. However, I thought that the parking lot belonged to someone else, and that my father had only leased it. I figured my father had a five year lease, which could be a problem if he sold the restaurant, because anyone who bought it would want more than a five year lease on it.

I walked inside; the workers were hard at work preparing the interior. I saw my father and we talked. He told me the specialty of the place was going to be spaghetti. I didn't think that sounded bad, but I thought perhaps a more upscale place, such as TGI Fridays or Bennigans, might be a better idea. However, I still thought the restaurant might be able to succeed.

The main question was how many customers were needed to make money. I figured he needed to make about $100 a day profit to make it worth while. I also figured he would make about a dollar from each person who dined there. That would mean he would need about a hundred customers a day, or probably around ten an hour. I had no idea if he would get that many.

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