Dream of: 31 January 1995 "Baby Birds"

I was called outside to the back of a building where I was living; the man who had called me either owned the building or was also living in the building. Husky and probably in his 40s, he was wearing a heavy coat.

Much junk was piled up behind the building. There was a wood pile with wood which had been cut for a fireplace, but it looked as if it might have rotted. There were also some electrical appliances, among which was an old air conditioner. I recalled that I had thrown the air conditioner there and that it wasn't working. The man had set it on its side and apparently was thinking of trying to see if it would work. But I was sure it wouldn't, and I didn't want to have anything to do with it.

As the man poked around in the pile, he hit a log, and excitedly asked me if I saw a bird fly out of the log. I hadn't. The man then pulled out the log and turned it over. Poking along a cavity in the bottom of the log, he dislodged what appeared to be a dead pigeon. After he knocked it off, we both then saw some baby birds.

There were about ten of the birds, in varying stages of development. The most developed had their eyes open and were covered with brown feathers with white specks. The undeveloped ones had no feathers, only skin, and their eyes weren't yet opened. The man seemed rather coarse, and I was afraid he might try to harm the birds. I was determined I wouldn't allow that. I thought they were beautiful and needed to be protected. However, I was unsure how to do that. Obviously the less developed ones needed the most protection, but I thought without their mother they would probably die. I didn't think the dead pigeon had been their mother, because they were obviously not pigeons. I wondered if the bird which had flown off had been their mother. I thought it probably had. I thought the best thing would be to put the log back where we had found it and hope that the mother returned.

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