Dream of: 28 January 1995 (4) "Gauguin"

Carolina and I had gone to a small auction and were standing on the far side of the room from where the auction was actually taking place, so that I couldn't hear the auctioneer. I told Carolina we needed to move closer, and she and I walked over and sat down on a beige couch near the auctioneer. Since only a few people present, I thought we might be able to get some good buys.

The auctioneer held up a painting he was going to sell. The painting was an original and I immediately liked it. It appeared to show a black woman lying naked on her stomach on a pale white background. I knew it was an amateur copy of a painting by the artist Gauguin, and I told Carolina I liked it. She however disparaged it, noting that she also knew it was a copy of a Gauguin. I told her it was worth at least $2-$3, but I thought I might go as high as ten dollars for it.

The bidding started at 50 cents and two other people bid against each other until it went to $4, when one person dropped out, I bid $4.50. I would have preferred to either bid $4 or $5 rather than $4.50, because I didn't think I wanted to go over $5. But to my surprise no one else bid and the auctioneer sold it to me for $4.50. I thought it was a good buy. I had recently been thinking I would like to have more original paintings to hang on the walls of my home, even if they were by amateurs.

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