Dream of: 28 January 1995 (3) "Stupid Game"

While at an amusement park, I began playing with a game in which I had to manipulate some levers. A complicated contraption inside a glass cage was controlled by the movement of the levers. Small stuffed animals would be pushed onto a rotating disk, and some of the animals would fall into slots. If enough of the small animals fell into the slots, I would apparently win a prize.

I really didn't have time to be playing the stupid game: both Carolina and my father were waiting for me. However, since I had begun, I thought I should play until I finished. Suddenly someone announced that I had won and I was handed a stuffed animal about a 30 centimeters high. I reflected that I didn't need the stuffed animal and that it was probably worth less than what I had paid to play the game. I walked away thinking I needed to rejoin Carolina and my father as quickly as I could.

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