Dream of: 24 January 1995 "Junky Golf Clubs"

I had gone to a toy store where I wanted to buy a pencil sharpener for someone I knew. I had a pencil which I was going to test in the sharpener. I found a toy about eight inches long which had a pencil sharpener in the bottom of it. The toy looked like a small, red bulldozer, and had to be partially assembled. A wire ran from the front of the bulldozer, through the bottom and to the back. The wire was connected to a device which could be held to make the bulldozer go back and forth. I thought the toy would make a nice gift for the person for whom I was buying it. The bulldozer could be put on the desk and used for sharpening pencils. It could also be played with to make it move and push things off the desk.

However as I looked at it, I realized it still had to be partially assembled. And when I looked at the blade, I saw on the lower right corner a piece had been chipped off. I immediately knew I wasn't going to buy it if it had been damaged. I looked around on the floor where other toys where lying to see if I could find another one. But it was the only one there. I might have to go to the front of the store to see if someone could find another one for me.

A man straightening up the place came back close to where I was. I noticed about 20 unusual golf clubs leaning near me. They were very long, standing about three feet higher than my head. The man gathered them all together and tied something around them so they would stand up straight. They seemed quite old and I wondered whether someone like Jack Nicholson might have used them in a golf tournament in the 1920s. I thought they might make a nice gift, but at the same time I thought they looked a bit junky and I didn't really want to buy any golf clubs.

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