Dream of: 22 January 1995 "Russian Church"


believe in eternal life

I was in a large church in Russia at a ceremony in which several people were being sworn into high offices in the church. Among those being sworn in was my maternal grandmother Leacy (1901-1972), who was living in Russia, and whom I was visiting. I gradually realized I also was going to be sworn in. I was apprehensive because the ceremony was being conducted in Russian, and I couldn't speak the language. Since my grandmother, however, could speak Russian quite well, I hoped she would be able to assist me.

As I waited, I realized how much I enjoyed being in Russia, even if I couldn't speak the language. If I lived there for six months I would learn enough of the language to get by. This is where I needed to be.

When it came time for me to be sworn in, I walked up to the man conducting the ceremony and I raised my right hand. I was nervous about not knowing what he was saying.

Through the front door I could see out to a cafe on the other side of the street. My father, wearing sun glasses, was sitting in the cafe, waiting for me. I knew I had already been in the church for quite a while, and I hoped he wouldn't grow impatient and leave, because I wanted to be with him for a while as soon as the ceremony was over.

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