Dream of: 21 January 1995 (2) "Springbok"

While Carolina and I were in a second-hand store, I went to a section where I found a bunch of Mad magazines. As I began looking at them, trying to figure out their numbers, I saw that some were in excellent condition. One was #103. I thought it was an early issue; I would like to have it. The others looked as if they were numbered in the 500's. I saw one numbered #573 and one #574 which were in excellent condition. But I was still not sure whether the numbers were actually the numbers of the magazines. I opened up the first page to look for the numbers, but I was having difficulty finding them.


Carolina and I were in front of some shelves in the store. I was ready to leave, but Carolina began looking at some things on a shelf. I told her I wanted to leave, but she continued looking. But then I saw a box which said "Springbok" on it. I thought it was a puzzle. I told Carolina that if she was going to stay there, I was going to look at the box. I pulled the box down and opened it up. It wasn't a puzzle, but a game made by Springbok. Pieces in the game had to be assembled into chutes onto which water could flow. Marbles would then be put on the chutes to be carried by the water. There were black marbles and gray marbles, about 20 each. I thought it was quite unusual that Springbok would be making games, because I thought Springbok only made puzzles.

I thought I might assemble it right there to see how it would work. It looked as if it would be fairly cheap, so I thought I might go ahead and buy it.

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