Dream of: 21 January 1995 "A Beautiful Sound In Church"

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In my mind I was singing some songs which had been "number one" in their day, especially songs by the Beatles. As I sang, I thought that I would like to write a song myself. I thought more about music, and as I tried to compose a song, I realized I was only composing in the key of C. To be able to write songs, I needed to know more about the other keys. I tried to think about how many keys there were, and I wondered what was the difference in the keys. How was it possible to tell one key from the other? What were the distinctive characteristics of the different keys? I thought what I really needed was tuning forks, a different fork for each note. If I had tuning forks to help me distinguish the different notes, that would help me understand the difference in the keys.

As I began trying to sing out different notes, I slowly realized I was in a large, beautiful church. As the notes rose out of my mouth, they reverberated around the church, creating a beautiful sound. My voice seemed to blend in with the atmosphere of the church.

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