Dream of: 19 January 1995 "These Dreams Told A Story"

I was in a large hotel in Ohio where I planned to later meet my father and spend the night with him. I walked into the hotel lobby and was surprised to encounter Gannon (a fellow from Portsmouth whom I knew for a short while around 1970) and another fellow whom I knew. Although Gannon (dressed in a gray suit) looked older than I remembered him, I immediately recognized him and asked him what he had been doing over the years. After some effort I dug out of him that he had spent seven and a half years in prison. I was surprised he had been in jail for so long, and I wondered what his offense had been; probably something to do with drugs.

When I asked Gannon and his companion whether they had any marijuana, they led me to a small closet, which we all three entered. The other fellow pulled out a baggie containing about an ounce of pot. When he extracted a large clump of marijuana from the baggie, I held out my hand and he dropped the clump into it. Ecstatic, I told him he couldn't imagine how grateful I was. I told him I hadn't smoked pot in a very long time (to myself I was thinking it had probably been six months, but I really couldn't remember). I didn't know what the pot would do to me when I smoked it, but I knew I was going to get very high very fast.

Even though the other fellow already had a lit roach which he was puffing on right there in the closet, I couldn't smell anything. I hadn't even noticed at first that he had been smoking.

Looking at Gannon, I wanted to tell him that I sometimes dreamed about him, that I had dreamed about him at different times over the years. I even thought I had dreamed about him quite recently.

I also wanted to know more about his having been in prison. He spoke again of the experience, and said he was going to put it in a "store." I knew he was using slang to say he was going to write a book about having been in prison. Realizing he was talking about writing a book, I said, "I write my dreams."

Both Gannon and the other fellow seemed interested by that, and I finally confided in Gannon that he had appeared in some of my dreams over the years. I said, "These dreams told a story."

I thought the dreams in which Gannon had appeared, taken as a collection, told a story, but I admitted I didn't really understand the story. I knew Gannon was a musician and music had been a theme in the dreams, but the dreams had generally focused on drugs.

Looking at the marijuana in my hand, I asked them if they had any cigarette papers. Although they didn't, I noticed a pack of Marlboro cigarettes lying on a counter and asked them if I could have one; I thought I could take the tobacco out of the cigarette and put marijuana back in, even though I didn't like making a joint that way. The roach which the other fellow was smoking appeared to have been made in that fashion and smoke was leaking from a small hole in the side of roach: the leaking smoke illustrated the problem of making a joint from a cigarette.

Gannon and the other fellow said they were in a hurry to go somewhere, so we walked out of the closet. However, I still wanted to talk more with Gannon and I asked him if we could meet later that evening. He seemed to think we could, and I asked him where he wanted to meet. As he headed toward the elevator, I suddenly realized I might have to spend time with my father that evening, and I told Gannon I was uncertain I would be able to meet with him (Gannon). Gannon gave me the name of the hotel where he was staying. I didn't hear the name clearly, but I thought Gannon had said, "Castilla" and I figured it was probably a hotel in the neighborhood.

After Gannon had stepped onto the elevator and left, I remained standing, holding the marijuana, thinking I wanted to go to my room and roll it up. I thought about how different it was in Ohio, how easy it was to get dope there and how no one seemed to worry about it. Gannon certainly hadn't seemed worried, even though he was probably on parole. That somewhat amazed me; if he were caught with pot he would probably be sent back to prison.

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