Dream of: 16 January 1995 "Belt Under The Bed"

Carolina and I had moved in with my father in the Gay Street House. While I was in the upstairs middle living room, I noticed a Mad magazine lying on an oval, glass-topped coffee table. I picked up the magazine – a recent issue, August; although obviously read, the magazine was in good shape. I could take it and add it to my collection of Mad magazines. I looked on the table for any other issues. About a dozen comic books lay on the table, but I wasn't interested in them. I sifted through the comics until I found another issue of Mad, the September issue.

Where had the magazines come from? Each bore a price tag stuck on the cover's upper right corner. Along with the price, the tag said "Italiannis" (which I recalled as the name of an Italian restaurant in the building where my father used to own a bar on Chillicothe Street in Portsmouth). I figured Seeley had picked up the magazines at Italiannis; I thought the restaurant probably resold magazines which people had left there.

I decided to peel the price sticker off the first magazine. When I did so, I saw the sticker had been covering a hole not only in the cover, but in the first page of the magazine. Although the hole severely decreased the value of the magazine, I could do nothing about it now.

Carolina walked into the room and sat down on a couch in front of the bay window (which was normally not a bay window). Quite attractive (she looked as if she were about 18), she was sporting a pretty white skirt with a flower design. Although other people were in the room, since I knew my father wasn't in the House and no one was in my father's bedroom, I decided to take Carolina into the bedroom and have sex with her. I motioned her to follow me. She seemed somewhat reluctant at first, but then complied.

Once in the bedroom, I quickly decided I was going to have her lean over the bed so I could insert my penis in her vagina from behind. Again she seemed somewhat reluctant, but took off her clothes. I also quickly disrobed. She bent over the bed and I inserted my erect penis in her vagina. I thought I might also press her rectum with my thumb, thinking that would arouse her more, but I didn't. I wondered to myself if I were having sex with her this way because I didn't want to look her in the face.

We had hardly begun when I heard my father's voice out in the living room – obviously he had returned. Almost in a panic I withdrew my penis and told Carolina to get dressed. I quickly pulled on my pants, and was about to fasten my black leather belt, when I decided doing so would be too much trouble; so I pulled off the belt and threw it under the bed. I went to the door and looked out. Yes, my father was sitting in the living room with the other people. He looked as if he were only in his early 20s.

I quickly told Carolina that I was going to open the door and that I wanted her to dash across to the room on the other side of the hall. She still didn't have anything on below her waist, but she was ready to comply. However, when I opened the door, my father was standing there. Carolina stood behind me as my father tried to see what was going on. When he finally realized what was happening, I could tell he wasn't angry. Nevertheless, I felt quite embarrassed.

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