Dream of: 14 January 1995 (2) "San Miguel De Allende"

Carolina and I were in a town in which we were living in southern Mexico. After driving around a while in a car, we stopped and parked. Stepping from the car, I saw a hill in front of me which reminded me of a hill near the town of San Miguel de Allende, and I recalled that once when I had been in San Miguel I had met a fellow named Ken who had lived in a house near the top of the hill. Noticing a road leading up the hill, I decided I wanted to ascend. However as we started toward the road, a Mexican boy who didn't know we spoke Spanish approached us to offer to be our guide. I told Carolina we should not go up the hill now because we couldn't leave the car unprotected. She was disappointed and wanted to go anyway, but I insisted that we return to the car.

Walking back to the car and seeing that we had even left the windows down. I pointed out to Carolina that we had some electronic equipment in the car, and that it would have been foolish to have left the car unguarded.


My brother Chris (probably 12-13 years old) and I were sitting in a room where we were staying in the town. Chris's muscular dystrophy severely impeded his movements. I began thinking that, if possible, I needed to find a baby sitter to stay with Chris when I needed to go somewhere. I knew it would be a burden taking care of Chris, but I thought I needed to do it while I was there.

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