Dream of: 14 January 1995 "Voyager"

I was watching television and had just begun taping the television series, "Star Trek: Voyager," the first show of the new series. Just as I began taping, Carolina walked into the room and I began having problems with the recorder, which began flashing to other shows. I was uncertain whether Carolina had done something to the recorder.

We were in the small front bedroom of the Summerdale Drive House where we had moved the television and recorder. I noticed the room was also now equipped with a kitchen. Since it had been Carolina's idea to move the recorder into this room, I began blaming her for the problem, saying the recorder was malfunctioning because we were in this room.

I kept trying to get the recorder to work, and a few times "Voyager" appeared on the screen, but it wouldn't stay. I told Carolina that because it was the first show of the season, it would probably be re-broadcast, and I could tape it later; however I preferred to tape it now. In the brief moments when "Voyager" did appear on the screen, I noticed some nice special effects. Once, a man's hand, with a ring in the shape of a skull on his finger, was shown on the screen. When the camera panned up to his face, his whole face looked like a skull. The man appeared to be a villain attacking the good people.

Jean Luc Picard (the character played by Patrick Stewart) appeared in one scene; in another scene appeared Will Riker (the character played by Jonathan Frakes). I realized those two characters belonged to the series "Star Trek: The Next Generation," and I was surprised to see them in this series. Perhaps they would only be in the first show of the new series.

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