Dream of: 13 January 1995 (4) "Significant Clue"

I was on Eighth Street in Portsmouth, close to where Blackburn's Market used to be, headed in the direction of Portsmouth High School. I noticed people had carried back mounds of things which they had bought at Blackburn's and set them outside the door because they were dissatisfied with their purchases. It seemed strange that the people would have just left the stuff there without getting their money back.

I was carrying a phone with me and talking with someone about a criminal who was being sought. He had committed several crimes and had been sought by the police for quite some time. At the same time I opened a small box of chocolates and found the chocolates inside had melted. Mixed in with the chocolates were some small pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. The puzzle pieces seemed undamaged by the melted chocolate on them; I wondered if the pieces were made of metal.

I cleaned off one of the pieces and looked at it. I immediately realized the puzzle piece was a clue to the whereabouts of the criminal. I also realized this piece looked similar to a puzzle piece which I already had and which I was carrying around with me. I pulled out my other piece and compared the two. Not much could be seen in either piece. Both showed what appeared to be the tip of the front of a shirt collar with a blue sky behind it. I held the pieces together. I realized that both pieces had probably been made by the missing criminal, and that he had a machine for making puzzles. However, when I compared the pieces, although the picture was the same on both, the pieces were cut differently. This meant the criminal was cutting the same puzzle differently.

I quickly told the person to whom I was talking on the phone about my discovery; I thought we had uncovered a significant clue.

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