Dream of: 13 January 1995 "Tropical River"

A companion and I were swimming in the blue waters of a tropical river. Although swarthy natives swimming around us seemed rather cautious of the river, I became increasingly confident, and I was finally able to stand up on the surface of the water. The feeling was exhilarating. I even managed to stand atop a stationary wave of water about two meters high. However, I wondered if another wave might come in over the wave I was on. No sooner had I thought about this than another wave about a meter taller than the wave I was on came crashing in on me. But it did me no damage, and in fact was quite enjoyable. I remained standing on my wave, waiting for another wave to come in.

Finally I decided to venture farther away from the others. Standing on the water with my feet submersed about an inch, I began freely gliding over the surface. Enjoying the water, I realized it wasn't salt water, and seemed very clean. I had traveled downstream about 50 meters, when I noticed a stick sticking above the surface of the water. Realizing there must be submerged debris, I decided to turn back. But it was too late. I suddenly felt a jolt and realized I had run into a large stick. I didn't feel any pain, but I was quite jolted. Somehow I managed to continue gliding back toward the others, but I no longer felt in control.

When I had almost reached them, I noticed a large tree devoid of leaves and roots, floating in the water. About a dozen of the dark-skinned natives had swum out to the tree and begun pulling it toward a dock area on the shore. By now I was no longer standing on the water, but merely doing my best to swim along. I thought I might help the natives, but they seemed in complete control and they didn't appear to need my help. When they got the tree close to the intended area, I noticed some other logs sticking up out of the water. I thought if the natives had a chain saw, they could also cut off those logs and haul them in.

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