Dream of: 12 January 1995 "Unpleasant Odor"

I was in the living room of the House in Patriot, talking with a woman (probably in her early 40s). I was planning to store some clothes in the House, and she was giving me some advice on how to do it. Lying in front of me were two large plastic baggies. In one of the baggies I had placed a light brown corduroy shirt; in the other I had placed a darker-brown corduroy sports jacket.

The woman pointed out that I should poke pin holes in the baggies so air would be able to pass through, and that I should put moth balls inside the baggies. She also noted that after the shirts had been stored a while, the moth balls would deteriorate and a yellowish dust would cover the shirt. However she said the dust could be easily wiped off when I removed the shirt from the baggie.

I was uncertain where I would store the clothes, but I thought I might be able to put them in the closet of the next-door bedroom. I remembered the closet was designed so in the back it curved around and part of it was under the stairs leading to the upstairs. I walked into the bedroom to look at the closet. Instead of only one closet as normal, I found two closets facing each other. I turned to the one I had come to see and looked inside. My grandmother Leacy's clothes were hanging there; I pulled them aside so I could look back into the closet.

I knelt on my knees to get a better look. I could see several boxes; but I thought there was plenty of room left to store something. However, I noticed a rather unpleasant odor coming from the rear of the closet. As I tried to think of how to describe the odor, I thought I would later be writing this experience down and the best word would be "defecation," although I didn't like using that word in my writing unless it was necessary.

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