Dream of: 10 January 1995 "Cowboy"

I was on the Gallia County Farm, where quite a few different people were visiting. Two fellows probably in their early 20s, who were my friends, told me they wanted to show me something. We walked along the hill where the tobacco barn is about a hundred yards from the Farmhouse to a place where we could look down in the direction of the loafing shed. Only now – instead of the loafing shed – a small white building was there which apparently was used as a house. The sky was just starting to grow dark outside, and one of my companions excitedly pointed out that a light had been turned on in the building. Now I could see what all the excitement was about: inside were a man and woman who were also staying on the Farm. The woman had taken off the man's pants and was performing fellatio on him. They hadn't closed the window, apparently thinking no one could see them out here. My two companions told me the scene repeated itself each night, and apparently lasted for quite a while.


My two friends and I were back at the Farmhouse, standing outside, when a rough-looking fellow (probably in his early 30s) walked up. My companions had obviously met this fellow before; and it quickly became evident that they had told him to leave the Farm and not return. Sensing sensed that the fellow might cause some problems, I positioned myself so I could fend off an attack if necessary. But the fellow soon turned and left. Would he return? I dreaded being involved in a fight; but at least we had safety in numbers.


I was inside the Farmhouse early in the morning. I walked into a downstairs bathroom only to find someone sitting in a tub. I couldn't tell whether the person was a man or woman, but after I walked out, I thought the person had been a man in his early 20s. I went to another unoccupied bathroom and locked the door behind me. I noticed my Seiko watch lying on the floor; I had been negligent to have left it here with so many people staying on the Farm.

I walked over to the commode and began to urinate. I continued for quite a while, unable to finish. As I urinated I made up a little song. I sang, "I'd rather be a square-dance dancer, because a square-dance dancer is what I really want to be."

I then substituted the word "cowboy" for "square-dance dancer"; I liked that better. But it made me wonder about what I really wanted to be. I thought about substituting the word "poet" for "cowboy" but thought I would rather be a "cowboy" than a "poet."

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