Dream of: 09 January 1995 "Being From Another World"

I heard a loud peal of thunder which shook me to the core. I realized the thunder was for me, sent as a warning that I hadn't accomplished the things I should be accomplishing with my life. I recalled that I had been commissioned by a being from another world to do something, but that I had failed. However, with the thunder, I now realized I was being given a second chance. I determined this time I would succeed.


Carolina and I were in a car being driven by my step-grandfather Clarence. I was supposed to meet with the being from the other world at 2 p.m. for an important meeting. At the meeting I would tell the being whether I had fulfilled certain obligations, and whether I accepted the task which would be entrusted to me. I thought it was probably the most important meeting of my life.

In the meantime, Clarence, who was a short thin man (probably in his 40s), drove through the city streets until he came to a cul-de-sac surrounded by a heavy,metal fence with a cemetery on the other side. He had come to bring some red flowers to a grave, but instead of stopping, he simply threw the flowers out beside the fence. At first I thought it was an odd action, but then I noticed several other bunches of flowers and realized other people also had thrown flowers out like that. He circled around the cul-de-sac and continued on.


Clarence, Carolina and I were in the apartment of someone whom Clarence wanted to visit. I was beginning to get nervous because I knew I needed to meet the being at 2 o'clock. I hollered for Clarence, who had disappeared into a different part of the house. When only Carolina came, I became frantic and told her we had to leave. I hurried her through some doors which appeared to be made of cardboard-thin wood with red, flowery wallpaper on them. I had difficulty locking the doors behind me, becoming more nervous that I was wasting my time by fooling with the stupid doors while risking missing the most important meeting of my life. I finally hurried Carolina down some stairs and to the car.

Once in the car I was almost in a panic. I began driving and decided I would come back for Clarence later. The problem was that I wasn't familiar with the city and I didn't know how to get to where I wanted to go. Carolina did know, but she wasn't being helpful. I was becoming more and more angry with her as I began to realize she was deliberately sabotaging my efforts to make the appointment; I even thought of choking her to show her how serious I was. Finally she began giving me directions. She said my destination was on the other side of the mountains which were in the middle of the city. I groaned as I realized it might take an hour to get there.


Carolina and I had arrived at the bar where I was supposed to meet the man, whose name I now remembered was Benji. It was already about twenty after two, and I was afraid I was too late. The bar was little more than a tent with a dirt floor. Perhaps 30 people were sitting around at long tables. I noticed Louise among them. I walked to the bar and ordered a beer. Scanning the room for Benji's face, I now recalled he looked as if he were in his late 20s, was tall and thin with black hair, with Hispanic features. I didn't see him.

The bartender walked up and I recognized him. He looked somewhat like Benji, but he wasn't Benji. I ordered a beer and pulled out some bills to pay. I saw the two dollar bills were blue and the five dollar bills were red. After he served me, I decided I was going to give him two five dollar bills as a present. He seemed surprised but happy when I gave them to them. I tried to do it so Carolina wouldn't see, because I thought she wouldn't like the idea. I thought she saw anyway. I told the bartender to let me know if he saw Benji, and he assured me he would

Carolina and I walked over to a wall of the room where I could stand and see almost everyone in the room. I anxiously scanned the faces, but I didn't see Benji anywhere. I wondered if it would bother him if he saw me drinking a beer, but then I recalled I had drunk beer with him the last time we had met, so I didn't think it would matter. I glanced at Louise again, wondering what she would think if she saw me with someone from another world. I was beginning to think that I had arrived too late, or that perhaps Benji wasn't going to show up at all. Perhaps the whole thing had been a hoax.

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