Dream of: 08 January 1995 "Estate Sale"

I was taking care of three children, one of whom resembled my nephew David when he had been about five years old. We were outside beside a swimming pool filled with blue water. Close to me a monopoly board was set up with the pieces on it. Strikingly, the pieces were about five times larger than normal, and had been formed out of play dough.

I saw three canisters of play dough and reflected how they resembled some play dough which I had in one of my closets. I took the dough out of the canisters and held it. There were three different colors: yellow, blue and green. I decided I would like to teach the children something about colors, and thought I would show them what would happen if we were to combine different colors of the play dough. With one of the children in front of me, I took two small pieces of two different colors and mashed them together. I was surprised that the result was a dull, ugly, rust color. I thought if I tried it again, I would roll one color in a long stick and then wrap another colored-dough around it, like a candy stick.

But before I could begin, a group of children and a woman walked through a door. I realized it was getting late in the morning and the pool was opening up to the public. I decided it was time for us to go and began gathering together our things. However it wasn't as easy as I had thought because our stuff was scattered all over the place. On top of that, a strong, robust workman came in and began talking to me. He was probably in his late 40s and wearing bib overalls. When I didn't respond to him, he asked me if I wanted him to clean out my ears. He wasn't being impertinent, because cleaning ears was apparently also one of his skills. However I declined his offer and continued gathering my things.

I noticed a thick, orange extension cord which belonged to me. Then I noticed another similar extension cord which apparently belonged to the workman, and I became confused about which was mine. I also saw an electric saw lying on the ground and I couldn't tell if it belonged to me or the workman.

But what most concerned me was a group of perhaps 50 white ceiling tiles which the boy who looked like David had taken off the ceiling of the room we were now in, and had stacked up on the ground. Each tile was about a third of a meter square. I didn't know what to do about the tiles, but finally decided I would just have to leave them here.


I had gone inside into a spacious room of a large, old, Victorian house. Seeing about 20 women in the room, some standing in lines at tables, I quickly realized an estate sale was taking place and the women were buying things in the room. To my chagrin I realized I had left some boxes of stamps in the room and the women were snatching them up. I knew I had hundreds and hundreds of unused stamps from the 1940s - 1950s, many in panes of four, and that I didn't want to sell them. I quickly went to the women with stamps in their hands and plucked them away, telling them the stamps weren't for sale. I was afraid to find out how many had already been taken.

When I next noticed that some of the women were also going through boxes of personal letters which I had received, perhaps for the stamps on the envelopes, I decided enough was enough, and announced that this room was being closed. I then hurried the women from the room and began pulling the doors shut. The estate sale could continue in the rest of the house, but this room would be closed off.

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