Dream of: 07 January 1995 "Traces Of Perfume"

I had left the Summerdale Drive House and gone jogging. While outside, I stopped at an apartment where Missi was living. Missi was in her early 20s and, with her black hair and slim figure, very attractive. We soon began kissing and were almost to the point of having sex, when I stood up and left.

Back out on the street, jogging again toward the Summerdale House, I began thinking that my wife Carolina would be at the Summerdale House when I reached it. I was concerned that some of Missi's perfume might have rubbed off on me, and that if Carolina smelled it, she would suspect that I had been with someone. When I tried to smell myself to see if I could detect any perfume, I could perceive a faint odor. I knew I needed to be careful when I got back to where Carolina was. I also knew I needed to be more careful in the future, if I ever went to Missi's, not to leave any traces of perfume on me.

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