Dream of: 04 January 1995 "The Terminator"

Having acquired the power to travel back into time and then return to the present, I was thinking about how I might use my power. Perhaps I would go back in time and invest money in a movie which I knew was going to be successful, perhaps a movie with Arnold Schwarzeneger such as The Terminator.


I had gone back in time and was working in a small business located on a city street. I was a bit upset because one of the other female employees had gone out to eat without inviting me. When she returned, I muttered that I wouldn't be here long (thinking I would soon return to the present) and I walked out the door to look for a place where I could eat.

I saw a grocery store, but I wanted a restaurant. I walked through the grocery store anyway, and saw that it had a salad bar, but it didn't interest me. Some other food was available in a deli department, but it was mostly meat, so I walked back out. I saw a restaurant, but it looked as if it served mostly meat, and I didn't want to eat meat. I began to think that since I was in the past, perhaps it didn't matter whether I ate meat. Perhaps I would go ahead and eat a couple of hamburgers.

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