Dream of: 27 December 1994 "Living On The Moon"

My wife and I had moved to the moon. The ground was white, the sky cerulean. I was anxious to hit a golf ball with a golf club to see how far the ball would go in the reduced gravity.

We were going to live in the upstairs of a house which somewhat resembled the Gallia County Farmhouse. While we were on the moon, even while inside house, we had to wear masks over our mouths and nose so we would have oxygen. I, however, while I was in the house, decided to take off my mask for a while. When I breathed in the air, it didn't hurt me; but I realized it wasn't giving me any oxygen. But I now realized my mask wasn't operating; I asked my wife to let me take a few breaths out of her mask. She did, but I was now afraid that her mask wouldn't have enough oxygen for both of us.

I walked over to a window and sniffed around the edges of it. The window was partially open and I could tell that oxygen-laden air was coming in. I took a deep breath. I turned to my wife and told her that if she would just open the many windows of the rooms, fresh air would begin blowing in from outside. It was only inside the house that there was no oxygen. All we needed to do was open the windows.

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