Dream of: 25 December 1994 "Cargamos Caca"

A girl in her teens and I were walking through the halls of a high school, where I was both a student and the principal. We were going to study together and were looking for an empty classroom which we could use. We passed several rooms with people in them before we found one. One fellow was sitting at one of the desks, but he didn't appear to be doing anything, and we didn't think we would bother him.

Once we were inside, the girl began complaining that it was too cold, and asked if I would turn up the heat. I knew the thermometer was out in the hall, and that I had turned it down to about 60 degrees when no one had been around. Since people were now in the school, I thought I should turn the thermometer back up to about 70; so I walked back into the hall to turn up the heat.

Before reaching the thermometer, however, I turned into a restroom with a completely different idea. I was carrying my roller blades with me, and decided I wanted to put them on and go roller blading. I knew I was an excellent roller blader, and that in fact I had the opportunity of winning an important roller blade championship.

Once in the restroom I saw that all the stalls except the one on the end were open; so I would have plenty of space to put on the blades. I saw a newspaper lying on the floor and picked it up to read as I was putting on the blades. Only after I had picked it up did I realize the newspaper had been lying next to some other books and magazines which probably belonged to the fellow in the end stall. I hoped he didn't mind.

I sat down in one of the stalls and began reading an article, the style of which reminded me of a legal case. In one paragraph I was surprised to see several Latin sentences mixed in with the English sentences. One short sentence said, "Cargamos caca," which I interpreted to mean "We shit shit." Another sentence said "Se me ipsum" which I interpreted to mean "He's like me."

When I had my blades on, I stood and circled the room on them a couple times. Without delay I headed outside and in a flash was on the street. On the other side of the street was a large flat area covered with marble, an excellent place to roller blade, and that was where I headed. But first I had to cross a busy intersection. I headed across the street with the traffic, but thought when I reached the corner, I would cross the other street as a pedestrian.

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