Dream of: 24 December 1994 "Lurid Rumor"

I was with my father in his office in Portsmouth. The office vaguely seemed to be in the old Blackburn's market on Eighth Street. This was my father's office for selling car ports.

My father was talking about one of his salesmen. My father had an agreement with the salesman that if the salesman sold more than four units a week, then the salesman would receive a bonus of 10% of the sales in addition to his regular commission. For several months the salesman had only sold three units a week, and so hadn't qualified for the commission. My father was contemplating changing the quota to three instead of four; I wondered if my father had purposely set the quota at four knowing how difficult it would be to achieve.

My father pulled out a white poster-board which showed the salesman's sales for the month. One sale was for over $6,000, another for almost $3,000, and several in the $1,000 range. All together the sales totaled over $20,000. That meant the salesman would have received over $2,000 in extra commission if he had qualified – that was a lot of money.

Another of my father's salesmen walked into the room and began talking to me. He was a thin, grisly, unshaven man (probably in his mid 40s). He spoke, reminding me that the last time I had been in town, I had been trying to find Carolina, who I thought was fooling around with another man. He began telling me a lurid rumor he had heard, how Carolina had had sex with several different men, and how the men had then commented on the size of her vagina. He put his hands together to form a circle about 10 centimeters in diameter to illustrate his point.

I tried to brush him off. I recalled that I had been having trouble with Carolina the last time I had been in Portsmouth, but now we had patched things up. I didn't think what the man was saying was true and I didn't want to hear any more about it.

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