Dream of: 22 December 1994 "Skipping Class"

While living at the House in Patriot, I was attending Southwestern High School. I returned to the House at noon, and was supposed to return to the school in the afternoon. I was taking a Spanish course at the school, and that afternoon we would be studying a book written in Spanish. However, once I was at the House, I began thinking it would take an hour to get back to the school, and then another hour to get back home. I thought I might just skip that afternoon. If I just stayed at home, I could use the time to read, rather than waste it traveling.

My teacher was an older woman who reminded me of Marie Trowbridge. I knew she wouldn't like for me to miss school. But up until now I hadn't missed any classes, and I was only going to miss a half day this time. So I thought missing class wouldn't hurt me, especially since I was going to spend the time reading Spanish. I was probably going to enjoy the book we were supposed to read. I might miss something by not having my teacher explain the book, but I still thought I would be better off to stay home and read.

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