Dream of: 21 December 1994 (3) "Studying Languages"

I was with a black-haired man and his wife both probably in their mid 30s, healthy and strong. We were standing in front of a college dormitory, near a wall made of red brick. As we talked, the man pointed out that one brick was slightly loose and that he needed to fix it. I touched the brick and found that it did appear to be loose; I also noticed the brick bore some writing, which I didn't read.

I was planning to return to college as a student, and I was going to live with the man and woman in their home while I studied. I would pay them rent and would have my own room. The man explained that when he had gone to college he had somehow been connected with this particular dormitory, which housed around 200 students, and that the dormitory was somehow connected with the study of German. Since I knew the man's wife had also attended this college, I asked if they had met at the dormitory. The man said no, but he didn't elaborate as to where they had met. I had the feeling he wanted to save that story for later. I also had many stories I could tell later about my life (some not so pleasant) now wouldn't be the appropriate time to go into my past, either. I hadn't even told them I was a lawyer.

They had indicated to me that they went to church every Sunday, and I had understood that church was an important part of their lives. I figured they would be pleased if I went to church with them, and I thought I probably would. Even if I didn't believe what was being preached in church, attending church could still be a salubrious experience.

The man spoke of a young black-haired women he knew who was attending college there and was living in this dorm, and who was having a problem with the college authorities. The woman knew how to sing and she was giving a concert this very evening, and the man suggested I might want to go. I declined.

At the moment I had other matters on my mind. It was spring and I had already paid the tuition for the spring term. I also planned to go to college in the summer and I had enough to pay for the summer term. I also had barely enough money to live on during that time. But after that I would be broke. I thought I would need to get a student loan. My financial situation would become critical rather quickly, and I would definitely need to concentrate on making financial arrangements.

In that connection, I needed to think about what I was going to study. I wanted to learn so many things. Yet I must also be practical and pick something which I could later use to earn a living. As ideas floated through my mind, I began concentrating on languages. Greek would be nice. If I learned languages, I could also read different subjects in the various languages. I finally honed in on French, German, Spanish and Latin. I thought so many languages might be too much. It would mean 20 hours a week, or four hours a day. With homework, I wouldn't have time for much else. But I thought I could handle it.

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