Dream of: 20 December 1994 (2) "Ravishing"

While in a room with a number of other people, I noticed Louise in the room; I didn't speak to her because I knew she normally didn't want to talk with me. So when I walked into the next room and sat down at a table, I was surprised when she followed me and stood next to me. Realizing she was in the mood for conversation, I spoke with her and invited her to sit down. She sat at my right and we continued talking.

I had thought her husband Vernon had also been in the other room; but apparently he had left. I asked her whether she was afraid Vernon might see her talking with me and divorce her. As she answered, I could tell that she was indeed apprehensive about Vernon seeing us together. But she rigorously maintained that Vernon couldn't divorce her, because due to their law practice, divorce would be too complicated.

I asked her how many current bankruptcy cases she had, cases which hadn't been dismissed or discharged. She looked puzzled, and couldn't come up with an answer. I asked her how many new cases she did on an average month. Again she couldn't respond. I suggested that she probably did about 40. Since a bankruptcy case could last as long as 60 months, I multiplied 40 by 60, and came up with the figure of 2,400. But I knew some of those cases would have been discharged or dismissed early, so I figured she probably had 1,700 or 1,800 current cases.

We both leaned forward and I looked more closely at her face. She was wearing bright red lipstick. I told her she looked ravishing. She appreciated the compliment, but I could tell she was starting to worry about her appearance, fearing that she was growing old.

I suggested that we might talk again some time. She liked the idea, and seemed to think we could talk anytime. I wondered what other people would think if they saw us talking in public. It would be interesting.

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