Dream of: 17 December 1994 "Total Recall"

A woman had come to the house where I was living so she could stay here for a while. When I saw the woman, I realized she was the actress Sharon Stone. As I watched her walk down the corridor, she reminded me of the way she had looked in the movie Total Recall. In fact, she looked as if she were Lori Quaid (the character Stone had played in Total Recall). Recalling the nefarious nature of Lori Quaid, I became suspicious of why she was here, and I feared she might have come to wreck havoc on the house.

I walked into another room, where I found a girl (7-8 years old) who was related to me. I pulled her to the side and told her we had a problem because the woman was going to cause trouble in the house. As I spoke, I realized two other women were also going to come, and as I described the two women, I had a mental image as if I were watching a movie with them in it. In the movie I saw the two women smash through a window and into a house. They were so sleek, they almost looked like animated characters from a cartoon. However they were real, dressed like super heroes, or rather like super villains.

Gradually the little girl began to realize I was correct in what I was saying. By now, however, the two women had actually arrived, and the girls and I were uncertain how we could repel them.

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