Dream of: 15 December 1994 (2) "Dripping Lightening"

I was in a room in a resort hotel, possibly on a tropical island. The balcony of my room overlooked a beach on a beautiful bay. Several other couples were also in the room, and we were having a party. I had come with a beautiful black-haired woman (probably in her mid 20s). She was slim and dressed in white. During the course of the evening, she had abandoned me for a handsome Hispanic man also dressed in white. Even though the woman and I had been close in the past, I wasn't terribly upset by her having abandoned me.

Once during the evening a song came on, and I pulled the woman by the arm to me to dance. But her new boy friend held on to her other arm and pulled her back to him so forcefully that they both toppled over together.


While walking on the beach below the hotel, I looked out on the water and saw what appeared to be a beautiful old galleon partially submerged in the bay. I was suddenly somehow transported to the top of the highest mast of the ship. The mast was flexible and, as the wind blew, began bending back and forth. I began singing with a beautiful voice as the mast would first bend almost to the water, rise back up, then bend again. Somewhat frightened, I nevertheless held on.


I was standing on the beach about 3 a.m., looking out over the bay, where I could see a storm blowing in from the distance. I beheld a strange yet beautiful sight. Amidst large, billowy, dark clouds, I could see lightening, not flashing, but dripping out of the sky. Instead of zipping in electric bolts, the lightening was flowing down like paint.

Suddenly I also saw what appeared to be fireworks in the sky. A celebration, perhaps for the Fourth of July, appeared to be in progress.

I climbed up the outside of the hotel to the balcony of my room. Now when I looked out on the bay, I could see a large pleasure boat sailing into the bay with perhaps 100 people on its decks. Thinking some people on board were Americans, I said to someone nearby, "There's Americans there."

Other people, obviously Americans, were standing on another balcony near mine. They had overheard me; I felt stupid, because obviously Americans were all over the place, and not something special to be remarked.

My father walked up to me and said he had been at a bar with a show on the other side of the street from the hotel. He said he had had to pay $6 for a drink, but it had been worth it because he had had a good seat. He began describing how close he had been to some of the female dancers. Still awe-struck by the storm and lightening moving toward me, I could hear music in the background. Although I was apprehensive of the storm, I was enthralled by everything I was seeing and experiencing.

At the same time, I rather missed the black-haired woman. I thought she might come back later. Once before she had left me for another, but later had returned. Still, I had my doubts whether she would return this time.

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