Dream of: 15 December 1994 "Not Imaginative Enough"

While standing in a line to enter a building (perhaps a grocery store), I overheard a man and woman talking. The man expostulated that mankind shouldn't be looking in garbage cans for the nature of solar energy or investigating the sun.

I reflected that I normally didn't speak to someone in a line when I overheard them speaking. Saying something this time, however, seemed appropriate, and when both the man and woman began criticizing something else which mankind was doing, I turned to the woman and queried, "Why?"

I said it was appropriate for mankind to investigate the sun and nature. My speech became more florid as I stated that man's nature compelled conducting such investigations. I said mankind would always investigate such matters, and I explained and stressed that by "always," I meant "for eternity." I said we "would live for always, we would live for eternity," and I pointed out that living forever was also part of our nature. As I spoke I had an ebullient, good feeling about mankind.

The woman made a response. She didn't seem to think my talking to her had been strange. She only disputed my ideas. She finished talking to me by calling me, "Steven."

Startled that she knew my name, I scrutinized her, trying to remember where we had met. I thought perhaps she was a former school teacher of mine. She appeared to be in her late 50s and had graying hair. She was dressed in a heavy coat and was perhaps 10 centimeters shorter than I. I asked, "What did you call me?"

She replied, "Steven," paused, then added, "Spielberg."

Suddenly I realized what had happened. She hadn't known my name at all. She had only been speaking sarcastically, trying to say that I was no Steven Spielberg (the director), that I wasn't imaginative enough.

I explained that I had been startled because my name was also Steven. She perked up, intrigued by that fact. She smiled as if she wanted to talk more with me.

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