Dream of: 13 December 1994 "Returning From Spain"

Walking into the living room of the Summerdale Drive House, I found Carolina sitting on the couch. Holding a Playboy magazine which she had been perusing, she asked me where it had come from. The magazine was one which I had brought back with me from my recent trip to Spain. Carolina, who had also just returned from a trip, had found the magazine which I had negligently left lying on the couch. I had intended to dispose of the magazine, but had forgotten.

She was holding the magazine open to a double page of naked women. Since Carolina didn't seem angry, I admitted that I had bought the magazine. Obviously I had used it for masturbation. The pages were even creased and crumpled from so much use. If Carolina asked about that, I might say that the pages had gotten crumpled in my baggage.

I recalled the nude picture of one woman in the magazine who had particularly appealed to me. If Carolina asked, I might show her what a beautiful body the woman had. However, Carolina didn't say anything else. I couldn't tell what she thought. She was obviously surprised, but I had the feeling that she had suspected it anyway.


I walked back into the bedroom, where I found my mother and my sister. I recalled that a man had recently been at the House and had taken pictures of my mother and my sister in the nude. I thought the man had put pictures of them in a thick art book, a copy of which was also lying in the room. I asked my mother, and she confirmed that the pictures were in the book; but she didn't know where. I picked up the book and began leafing through it, noticing many pictures of works of art as I futilely searched for the nude photos of my mother and my sister.

I mused that I had been having sex with both my mother and my sister, although I questioned whether I should be doing it. Seeing my sister now lying naked on the bed, I wanted to have sex with her right now. However she and I had been having quite a lot of sex lately, and she had grown tired of it. That hadn't stopped me. I bent over, put my face in her pubic region and kissed it, even lightly biting it. Sensing a somewhat bitter taste, I pulled away. My sister, looking disgusted, rose and left the room.

I again looked through the book for a while. Finally I walked into the next room where my sister was. I walked up to her and said, "You hate me, but I love you."

I could tell she was disappointed in me because she hadn't wanted my mother to know I had been having sex with her. Although my sister was now clothed, I lay down on my back and pulled her on top of me so she was sitting on me with our pubic areas touching. She began hunching me, ever more frenetically. I had an erection and was very aroused. However, I didn't want to climax; I wanted her to have an orgasm first.

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