Dream of: 09 December 1994 (2) 'Sinking Ship"

A woman, a child and I were on large cabin-cruiser, which appeared to be damaged and caught in a whirlpool, going around and around in circles. Some people nearby had told me to get off the boat within an hour, at which time, I realized, they were going to sink the boat. As the boat continued in its circles, we passed a barge, unto which I thought we might be able to escape. On the next pass by the barge, I jumped from the boat unto the barge, and then helped the woman and child onto the barge. I realized the people who planned to sink the boat hadn't yet seen our escape; but they would soon realize we were off the boat and would sink it.

However we still weren't safe, for the barge was also unsafe. I was unclear how we were now going to escape from the barge.

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