Dream of: 05 December 1994 (2) "Diamond's Funeral"

My mother and I were riding in a car which my father was driving on a gravel road in Gallia County. We were going to a funeral of young boy – named "Diamond" –  who had died. Suddenly we came to a clearing which must have been the cemetery. The land vaguely resembled the area around Nebo Church. About 100 people, all dressed in green, were standing in straight lines in the field. Obviously the service had already begun. My father began driving slowly in order not to make noise and disturb them. Just as we pulled up to park the car, everyone began dispersing. They had taken off their green robes and were once again dressed in regular clothes.

My father and I stepped from the car, walked over to a building and entered. Although some people said hello, I didn't say anything to anyone. One man walked up, shook our hands and handed my father his card. It sounded as if he said he worked for radio station WKRP. The man (about 50 years old) was heavy and probably an important person in Gallia County.

At first I didn't intend to talk to the man. But I had recently been thinking I needed to be more sociable, especially in Gallia County, where I was planning to live someday. I needed to meet the more important people in the county. So I stepped up to the man and asked, "Are you a DJ?"

Since he had said he worked at the radio station, I thought he might be a DJ. At first he didn't seem to understand what I had said. But then he understood me and began talking. I inferred that at one time he might have been a DJ, but that he was no longer one. Now he mainly just ran things.

I wanted to tell him that if he needed a lawyer, he could contact me. I figured he had a regular lawyer, but that if he needed some routine matters attended to, he could use me. I could work for half of what his regular lawyer usually charged him. His regular lawyer probably charged him $150 an hour. If I worked for half that, it would still be decent money. Working would also be a good way to get to know people here.

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