Dream of: 05 December 1994 "Horror Movies"

I was outside with a man who was my father, talking about two horror movies being made in the small town where we were living. A large hill overlooked the town, and the director of one of the movies lived in an old, Gothic mansion on top of the hill. As I looked up toward the mansion, I asked my father if he thought the building would be in one of the movies. He said no. I told him I thought in the future the mansion would loom large in the minds of people when they thought about the movies being made, and that it was unfortunate it wasn't going to be in one of the movies. I told my father that in some future movie, there should be a scene showing some creature, such as a vampire, gliding down from the mansion to the town.

My father was also thinking of directing his own horror movie, so there would be three movies from the same town. I told him the other two directors were famous. Although I didn't realize it at the time, the picture I had in my mind of one of the directors reminded me of the director Francis Ford Coppola, bearded and overweight. Although I didn't think the other two directors would live much longer, I thought my father could still make his movie while they were alive and receive acclaim for it.


While my father and I were in the bedroom of an old, bleak house where we were staying, I heard a knock at the door. As my father went to answer the door, I suddenly felt that I didn't want to see whoever was there. I slipped off the side of the bed where I was sitting and crawled under the bed, where there was just enough space for me to fit. As I lay here, I looked toward the foot of the bed, and saw a small black terrier with some gray it, which I recognized as my dog. It ran up to me and was so glad to see me it began whimpering. As I tried to calm it down so it wouldn't make noise, I looked to the side of the bed and saw a hand trying to reach under the bed for the dog. The hand grabbed the dog and pulled it out from under the dog.

I followed the dog out, stood up, and saw a woman holding the dog. Apparently she had sneaked in with the dog without my father even noticing her. She was obviously working for one of the other movie directors and had come here to spy. I quickly brought her presence to my father's attention. As she angrily turned away to leave the room, she started to hand my father a book, and speaking in German, told him he needed to read a certain chapter in the book.

Giving way to a sudden urge, I ran to her, grabbed her and pulled her into another room. She was still holding the book, which I took from her. In German she asked me if I could read. I answered, "Ja, ich lese."

In German I told her wanted to talk with her, and that I wanted to talk with her in German because I couldn't easily translate in my mind from one language to another. Feeling a sudden compelling attraction to her, I pulled her into my arms. She was in her late 30s, my height, slender, and had black hair. She was unsmiling, but I could tell she was also intrigued by me. I could sense something blooming between us. I didn't know what it was, but I was ready to pull her closer to me and kiss her.

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