Dream of: 29 November 1994 "Promissory Note"

I was in an office, talking on the phone with Sandi Chars (who worked for the bankruptcy's trustees office in Fort Worth) about Wheat. During the conversation, it came up that Wheat had given someone a promissory note for $100,000. I had a copy of the note, and I faxed it to Sandi.

After I had hung up the phone, Carolina walked into the office, saw the promissory note lying here, and asked me about it. When she found out I had faxed a copy to Sandi, she couldn't understand why I had done so. It seemed to her that I had somehow breached an ethical duty, that I shouldn't be faxing documents concerning Wheat to Sandi. I brushed Carolina off and tried to ignore what she was saying.


Thinking about what I had done, I realized I shouldn't have faxed personal information about Wheat to Sandi. But the more I thought about it, the more convinced I became that I hadn't really faxed the note to Sandi, that I had just imagined that I had faxed it. I might have even dreamed I had faxed it. I reflected that I hadn't even been to the office that day, and that I didn't even have the promissory note. In fact, I didn't even know where the whole idea had originated. However, it was somehow still in my mind that I had done it. It didn't make sense. On one hand, I could close my eyes, think about it, and distinctly remember having done it. On the other hand, it seemed impossible, because in fact there was no promissory note and I hadn't even been in the office. It was quite a dilemma trying to figure out what was going on. I hoped I hadn't done it – but I could remember that I had done it. I continued trying to remember. I also seemed to remember having made five or six copies of the promissory note, all of which had been blurred. I could even remember having seen the note lying on the desk. That didn't make sense, however, because I was sure it was impossible for that to have happened. I continued trying to sort it out.

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