Dream of: 26 November 1994 "Continually Admiring Himself"

I found myself living with several men in a large room in a rooming house, perhaps for college students. Each of us had our own bed. I enjoyed the company of the other men and I was glad to be living here. It seemed that I had missed something in my younger life, that I had wanted to live with other people, but had been unable to do so. I now found living with others to be more enjoyable than living by myself. Perhaps after I had lived with these men awhile, I would want to live by myself again; but now living together seemed best.

Ramey was in the room with me; he was one of my roommates and he looked about 20 years old. As I looked in a mirror, I noticed how long my hair was, and I commented to Ramey about how surprised I was by how fast my hair had grown. As I kept looking in the mirror, admiring how good I looked with long hair, I thought about how I had recently seen a talk show featuring a woman who complained about her husband's continually admiring himself in a mirror. I thought I suffered from the same problem because I liked to look at myself in the mirror so much.

Music filtered in from the adjoining kitchen which was jointly used by us and some women who lived on another floor of the building. Some of the women were now in the kitchen. When I realized the music was by the musician Lou Reed, I thought it interesting the women had chosen him. I mused that I had some compact discs by Reed. Since the people here apparently liked Reed, I might later play the CDs on a stereo system which I had here in the room. I also had more CDs in the closet. I needed to sort through them to see what I had. I might have quite a few CDs acceptable for play here.

As I walked into the kitchen where the women were, some of the other fellows were walking around in ugly, white under-shorts. I was wearing a tee shirt and a pair of light blue gym shorts. In the kitchen, I brushed against a woman dressed only in panties and a tee shirt. Her skin felt luxuriously soft.

When I walked back into my room, a fellow had something brown on the back of his under-shorts. The sight was particularly gross, especially in front of all these women. I thought I should try to dress better if I was going to be in the presence of the women.

Carolina was supposed to come to see me; she would be taking a bus for the visit. Everyone – especially the other women – would be surprised when they saw how pretty Carolina was, and that she was with me. If I wanted, I could probably form a liaison with one of the women. But I really didn't want to do that because I was attached to Carolina. I did like the idea, though, that the women would be impressed when they saw Carolina.

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