Dream of: 25 November 1994 "Dead Armadillo"

I was standing outside a house in a small town about 15 kilometers from the Gallia County Farm. I had a bicycle on which I was going to ride to the Farm. Since it was getting late and was almost dark, I needed to go. My mother was with me and she gave me a pair of pants and a pair of socks. Apparently she had just washed the socks and they were slightly damp. I took a piece of wire in beige plastic and began tying the socks and pants down on the back of the bicycle on the flat space above the back wheel. I was wearing shorts; if it got cold later, I could put on the pants.

About ten Hispanic people were also there; they might be staying there with my mother. They were getting ready to play a game of soccer. I kicked the ball a couple times against a wall. Once I kicked it very high. I would like to play soccer. But I didn't know much about the game, whereas they had probably played all their lives.

Since they were talking Spanish, I spoke a few words in Spanish to them just to impress them with my knowledge of Spanish. I would have liked to stay, but I needed to leave.

A television sitting nearby. On the screen was a game show, perhaps Jeopardy. A contestant on the show was asked a question by someone who sounded like Bob Ray Sanders (a black radio announcer in Dallas). The question was rather convoluted. It was stated that many mom-and-pop stores were going out of business in Grand Prairie, Texas and other towns close to Grand Prairie. All the stores were being taken over by a large chain of store. The announcer asked what this was called. To myself I was thinking this was called "franchising." I thought this was a new development in retailing, that all the stores in certain areas were owned by chains.

Since it was finally time for me to go, I climbed on my bike and began moving out. The air in my tires was low. There was a gas station in the other direction, but I could pull over at another gas station farther up the street. So I pulled out into the street and headed up a small hill. Just as I pulled out into the street, I saw a policeman talking with some people on the other side of the street. The policeman was still in his car, and it was unclear what he was doing, but it appeared that he had pulled someone over. The policeman spoke over a loudspeaker and told the people that if they didn't do something, he was going to impound their car. The policeman kept talking, sounding rougher and rougher, until finally he said, "Your car's impounded."

The policeman stepped out of his car and walked over to the people, who were standing outside their car – an old 1960s model Cadillac with large fins and different colors of paint on it. It was a classy-looking car. The people were Hispanic, and probably didn't know what they were doing. The policeman said something about an armadillo. Apparently they had an armadillo which they had killed in the car. I also heard the policeman tell them that their car registration was expired. Obviously they were going to have problems.

But I didn't have time to deal with that. It was getting dark and I still had about ten miles to go. And part of the road was over gravel, which would be difficult on a bicycle.

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