Dream of: 23 November 1994 "House On Fire"

My father, my mother, my brother Chris and I had moved into the House in Patriot (the former home of my maternal grandparents). Although it was late at night, and time to go to bed, I had a marijuana joint which I wanted to smoke and I tried to think of where I could smoke it. I thought I might go outside out back, or up in the attic, or somewhere else, but I didn't know where. I walked outside, and as I stood there, I looked up and saw white smoke coming out of the attic. I looked at it closely, then ran back inside. I didn't think anyone inside knew about the fire, so I ran upstairs, hollering, "Fire! Fire!"

I found my mother sitting on the floor talking on the phone, apparently with the fire department. I ran back downstairs, where I found my father confused and uncertain what to do. I also noticed my crippled uncle George in the room. I ran to the back two rooms, but there was no light and I couldn't see. I thought the fire must have already burned the electric lines. I needed to find a flash light. I figured if I could find the fire with a flashlight, I would be able to put it out. I hollered out that I needed a flashlight, but no one knew where one was.

I headed toward the door, thinking I would go over to the Swivers' house across the street. As I headed out the door, my uncle George asked me if I were going to Gallagher's. Apparently people named Gallagher now lived in the house where the Swivers used to live. I replied, "Yea."

As I headed toward that house, however, I noticed that on the other side of our House (in the house where the Saunders house used to be), there now appeared to be a cafe with a neon light. I turned around and headed toward the cafe. A man, a woman and a couple children were standing outside and more people were inside. I thought I would run in.

As I ran along, I had my arm through something which seemed like a white jacket, but which also seemed like a Styrofoam life preserver. It was on my back and I couldn't get out of it. It was very uncomfortable. I wanted out of it before I entered the cafe. I thought I would look ridiculous with it on my back. I was also worried because during the confusion, I had stuck the joint in my pocket and I was still carrying it. I hoped no one would try to search and arrest me.

Despite everything, I dashed into the cafe, explained that our House was on fire, and asked if anyone had a flashlight so I could find the fire. I told them we had just moved into the House next door.

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