Dream of: 20 November 1994 (3) "Convention"

I had gone to a convention with someone I knew, even though I didn't know why I was going. Once there, I was unable to find the person I came with; so I found a couch in a hall, lay down on it and covered up with some covers. I kept watching as hundreds of people walked by, making note of all the different faces I saw I didn't know any of them. I felt strange because everyone else was dressed and walking around, while I was just lying under some covers in the hall.

Finally I stood up and pulled on a red tee-shirt and pants which were lying beside me. I moved quickly because I didn't want anyone to see me.

I began walking around. I passed one room, and even though it was early in the morning, saw people doing ball room dancing inside. It looked as if it might be a dance class for people who had come to the convention. I thought I might like to take part in the dancing, but I walked on to another large dance room, where three-step country dancing was taking place. Obviously the dancers in the room were experienced.

More than anything, it seemed like a big party was in progress at the convention. I saw a large pool in one corner where people were swimming. I thought I could just choose whatever I wanted to do and then do it. I thought I could even come regularly to these kind of conventions if I wanted to. The only problem was that the servants there might begin to recognize me and know I was coming without invitation.

I recalled that in addition to this convention, I was supposed to go to another one today where I was actually invited. But right now I just needed to find the person with whom I had come, and I kept looking through the halls.

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