Dream of: 20 November 1994 "Attacking Lions"

As my father's mother Mabel, another man, and I were sitting on the back porch of the Gallia County Farmhouse, I looked out in the field and saw about ten lions walking toward the Farmhouse along the fence line which runs up to the Farmhouse. When the lions were only about three meters away, I walked back into the Farmhouse to tell my father that the lions were coming, and that we needed to protect ourselves.

I grabbed a gun and headed to the kitchen door. When I reached the door and looked out, however, the lions were already on the back porch. They had already attacked and killed my grandmother and the other man. Since I could do nothing to save my grandmother and the other man, I made sure that the door was securely shut and I ran back to tell my father what had happened.

My father was in the front bedroom looking out a window. He also had a gun. His step-father Clarence was sitting and calmly watching everything. Clarence said he might have another gun, and he began looking around for one.

I returned to the kitchen and looked at the two glass doors. If the lions broke through the doors, they would be able to swarm into the Farmhouse and kill us. We needed to set something – such as a cabinet – in front of the doors to keep the lions from breaking in. Also, windows were all around the house; we might need to pull up some boards to barricade the windows. I thought we might be able to pull up floor boards, but then I reflected that the lions might then crawl under the Farmhouse and come up through the holes in the floor. Perhaps we could pull off the boards in the wall between the living room and the kitchen. We needed to do something before the lions figured out they could break through the windows and reach us.

I intended to try to shoot the lions, but I discovered my gun was jammed with a shotgun shell which wouldn't come out. Since my gun wouldn't work, our only gun was the one my father had. And I wasn't even sure his gun worked.

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