Dream of: 17 November 1994 (2) "Separated in South America"

My wife Carolina and I were both attending Baylor University. I was in my last quarter of law school and she was in her last quarter of college. I hadn't been doing well in law school. I had started doing poorly toward the end of the quarter and I would probably fail a couple classes; I was unsure whether I would be able to make them up later.

Carolina and I were sitting at a table together. She looked different than normal. She was in her early 20s, very thin, and wearing bright red lipstick. I told her I would like to take off for 6 months and travel around Europe. Instead of going to school, we would take off this semester, which was the spring semester, for three months, as well as the summer for three months. Although Carolina wanted to finish college, she liked the idea. It looked as if she would agree.

I had about $60,000 saved. If we stayed for half a year, that would be 180 days. I tried to figure out how much that would cost. It would only cost about $10 a day, or $1,800. I thought that would be easy to achieve.


Carolina and I had become separated while traveling together. I was now riding alone atop a motor vehicle, possibly a truck. I was on a rural highway either in South America or Central America. I thought I was headed to a small village in northern South America. I had heard a report that 200 foot of snow had fallen in an area either of southeast Ecuador or southeast Peru; clearly I couldn't go to a place where so much snow had fallen. Plus I was concerned about how I was going to find Carolina. I might be able to find her in the village when I reached it. I also thought when we wrote checks, we put our address on the check. When a check came back which she had written, I might be able to use it to find her; or when a check came back to her which I had written, she might be able to use it to find me. My first priority was to find her.

Another fellow was also on the motor vehicle, riding lower than I. He had draped his legs over the side of the vehicle, so they were hanging. We were passing through some narrow spaces and I was afraid his legs would be hit, but I decided he knew what he was doing, and I shouldn't interfere.

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