Dream of: 15 November 1994 (2) "Hundreds of Bats"

While in the front room of the House in Patriot, I noticed that the front door was open, and that the metal screen door was also open about 10 centimeters. I thought I saw something black fly out the door through the crack. I realized I had seen these same kinds of things once before, and I knew what it was: bats were in the chimney in the room. The bats were living in the chimney and were now flying out. Apparently my grandmother Leacy had left the door open so the bats could fly out.

I excitedly hollered into the next room where my sister was and told her to come into the front room to see the bats. When no one came, I walked out onto the front porch, and saw it was just beginning to get dark. Looking toward the large lot on the side of the House, I saw hundreds of bats flying around.

I remembered having recently heard that bats could eat up to 600 mosquitoes in an hour. I thought the bats were eating mosquitoes right now, which explained why we didn't have any problems with mosquitoes there.

Some bats had flown onto the porch where I could see them more clearly. Their beauty amazed me. Just then my first-cousin Jimmy (about 30 years old) and another fellow walked out of the House onto the porch. I saw some bats on the porch floor, and I realized Jimmy was just about to step on one. When I stopped him, he took a cigarette he was smoking and stuck the lit end into my mouth, burning my tongue. Very angry, I spat the cigarette out. I was surprised he was treating me that way, because he was usually nice. At least I had stopped him from stepping on the bat.

Ignoring Jimmy, I hollered into my sister to look out the window so she could see all the bats flying in the lot next door. I thought that my sister was probably wearing a short skirt and that if I were inside when she bent over to look out the window, I could probably look up her skirt.

Suddenly I heard a sound off the opposite side of the porch from where the bats were. It sounded like a dog fight. I ran to the spot and found two dogs fighting each other. A large, long-haired, brown dog was on top of a small, brown, long-haired dog. Knowing the bigger dog belonged to someone in the House, I pulled it off the smaller dog. The smaller dog, mauled and bitten, lay there whimpering. When I picked it up to console it, I saw that it appeared to have been bitten on the back leg. The wound looked serious, but I couldn't be sure. When I put the dog back down, it continued to whimper, but I didn't see what else I could do to help it.

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